The State of Cannabis Legalization

These resources can provide an overview of the state and on-going development of cannabis legalization initiatives throughout the United States and some of the struggles being faced by manufacturers, consumers and regulators alike.

Election 2016 / Legal Updates

Nine states voted on ballot measures to roll back marijuana prohibition on November 8, 2016. The Marijuana Policy Project supported initiative campaigns to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol in Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada and was part of a coalition of groups that coordinated a ballot initiative campaign in California. MPP also provided assistance to initiative campaigns to legalize medical marijuana in Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota. Montana voted on a measure to improve its existing medical marijuana law.

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Washington (State)

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New York

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Cannabis Industry News, Data & Research


Cannabis Industry Economic Impact

DBS Analytics and Marijuana Biz Daily Factbook are two of the top sources for sales data in the cannabis industry. Both are paid services but contain a plethora of data regarding marijuana business insight.

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